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My daughter has really become interested in music and dancing. She always wants the CD playing.

Todd, USC HSC Center

Michael loves to sing and I am surprised that he knows the words to so many of the songs so quickly. His sister Carlee enjoys watching and listening to him and the music also. She claps her hands to the music and dances around too. These music classes introduce the children to rhythms and music patterns from all over the world. This is a great introduction to music for their age. It also gets them moving their bodies and putting movements with the songs. Through these classes and participating at home and in the car with the children, I have found that my son has great rhythm and has a natural ability to dance, but, he is not interested in any musical instruments. On the other hand, I have found that my daughter is already showing an interest in playing the piano. I recommend these classes for all young children as a great starting place and part of their school. Overall, the whole experience has been very good for Michael, and Carlee has benefitted even though she is not attending class.

Terry, Gateway Center

Constance LOVES her class. She is singing all the time which makes me so happy!

Elena, USC Child Care Programs

I am Margot's mom and she is really enjoying your class. I would love to come see one but I just had another baby so probably we won't be able to make. We used to take Margot to Music Together in Beverly Hills from about 6 months - 18months and couldn't keep going so I am so happy they are offering the class at school and she talks about you a lot. I think she really likes you as a music teacher. I also wanted to mention that her favorite song is "Funga Alafia". I know you want to incorporate all of the songs but she loves this one so whenever possible include it in the lesson. At our other class the last class of the session the teacher took requests-if you do something like this her request would be "Funga Alafia".

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for providing Margot with an enjoyable and educational experience each week. I hope to meet you soon.

Kami, USC HSC Center

Just want to say "Thank you" for offering the "Music Together" classes. Leon enjoys the variety of instruments played during classes and on the music CDs/tapes. The classes he had attended so far have improved his self-esteem.

Cindy, Gateway Center

Thanks for your hard work with them. Ellie has done music together before but seems to really like it this time. She sings along with songs in the car and tells us that she "wants my music/" then when we put on one CD she says " no, not that one, I want that Doo-Doo-Doo one"

Thanks for doing what you do.

Mike, USC HSC Center

Although I haven't been able to attend any classes in person to observe Summer, I know that she really enjoys her class as she sings most of the songs at home. She always starts with Hello song and I noticing that whenever we turn on the classical music, she can identify the instruments she learned from your class as well. Also, we taught her a new song at home just three days ago and she is already mastered the song. I think the class is definitely contributing to her growth and she truly enjoys it.


Young, Cal-Tot Center

Thanks for the wonderful musical program. Calvin loved the class and learned so much. Shamika was a terrific teacher. The class was definitely a highlight of Calvin's week and helped him look forward to Thursdays (otherwise, just another school day).

Kim, USC HSC Center

We do listen to the music from the class every day on the way to and from work so Sarah is learning the songs. Thursdays I bribe her to get out of bed by reminding her that it is Music Class Day! I'm so glad that these classes are held at her school.

Karen, Gateway Center

"Music Together" is Wonderful introduction to music. Very interactive, friendly to the ear. And Elijah is addicted to the Music Class.

Elizabeth, Cal-Tot Center